Academy Level 2: SEED - Actualizing Our Entelechy

Seeding the Divine Purpose of our Essence with the Fertile Resources of Our Life

Soul Purpose Art by Joseph Skala ~

Level Two empowers people in their life to express their soul's design in an authentically beautiful manner. Your entelechy, or blueprint, uniquely foundations the cellular pathways - between the above and below - through a new integrated tapestry of organic light in your body.

You will come to discover an incredibly intimate experience with the sentient intelligence of love that is Gaia (our planet) within the deeper chambers of your heart. Initiates are blessed with uncovering the magic of simultaneously being able to descend into the womb of Gaia and ascend into the higher octaves, or the Swing Between Worlds, in a continuous flow. This miraculous gift is viscerally experienced by dancing between worlds - in the same living moment.
The whole journey is enveloped by Mother Earth’s supportive embrace within a field that elicits profound recognition and direct acknowledgement. Embedded inside of the lush fertile soil of your body, the magic seeds of your soul’s purpose germinate into an encoded pattern of life’s greatest calling. Gaia nurtures the divine seedling of who you really are by fully igniting the signature of your blueprint like a coherent laser. By anchoring the pulse of Creation into Mother Earth’s core and spiraling it up into the Cosmos, your soul’s template is activated - similar to the mighty oak tree that’s destined to awaken from it’s tiny acorn.

Note: Continued practice of Level Two develops one’s Magical Golden Compass within our multi-dimensional heart's design to guide the manifestation of one’s destiny in symbiotic partnership with Gaia.

Fractal Earth Grid Artwork: