Academy Level 3: WATER - Inner Gender Alchemy

Watering the Feminine and Fertilizing the Masculine (Out of Drought)

Artist: Arcane Paradox

Level 3 emphasizes the Gender Alchemy process of working with the masculine and feminine attributes of your body-mind and incarnate spirit. In this phase of growth your two poles or juxtaposed dimensions of your world begin to come into a new attenuated vibration - known as the alchemical marriage - inside your bio-vessel. 

This vital relationship is also held inside of the subconscious of what Dr. Carl Jung termed the Anima and the Animus because we all have a submerged aspect of this complementary energy stored inside of our psyche. By dissolving the emotional wounds hidden deep within your old ancestral imprints, both, your sun (male), and your moon (female) aspects are liberated to reunite with the natural balance of life. Clearing the imbalanced feminine and masculine wounding and freeing your cellular memory allows your archetypal gifts to re-emerge from within this newfound fusion of integrated Heart-mind.

The weave of self-love accessed within your Vesica Pisces courageously births a new gateway (the almond-shaped mandorla) to face the challenging belief systems that are no longer serving your highest and best good.  Here, in the middle of this universally recognized dynamic field of yin/yang sacred geometry, new solutions are revealed. The false polarity programs of cultural duality are dissolved with the co-creative assistance of Gaia's Blueprint, and your inner solar/lunar resources re-open to drink deeply from the wellspring of re-union.