Academy Level 6: SUN - Quantum Soul Retrieval

A Fusion of Multi-Dimensional Grace

Artist: JAH Ishka Lha - One Eye Love

The solar power of Level 6 takes you into what many of the shamanic traditions recognize as one of the most important life changing initiations (Rite of Passage) in one’s hero or heroine’s journey. This pivotal returning to multi-dimensional wholeness is known as Quantum Soul Retrieval, and calls on the direct support and assistance of your Twin Flame Heart Vortex or unified field of self-love.  

Quantum simply means that many, many, many levels are synthesizing through the centripetal Forces of Source - like the atomic fusion (chemistry) of our magnificent sun. By virtue of the fact that your Twin Flame higher self is connected to the indwelling I AM consciousness, a new state of grace assists in attracting your blueprint’s signature from across all eternity. Thus, your interconnected web of life accesses the Halls of Records, and ignites the fuel cells of Creation inside your body. 

Nothing is as it seems - as your whirling electrons in every single one of your cells twirl around the central core of your nucleus of LOVE - as your spirit travels across your past, present, and future selves... all at once. The spiraling motion of your soul’s codes - inside of the burning chambers of your Twin Flame Heart - calls your divine pieces and parts back home.  
Each aspect is wondrously welcomed back into the solar magic emanating from within your own bio-temple as the radiance of The Great Central Sun blazes from deep inside of your cellular matrix. This sunshine for your SOUL bears phenomenal gifts as your long forgotten dimensions of self are brought back into your heart’s chalice from beyond the hidden veils of your shadow.

The living shrine of your Twin Flame essence coalesces all of its’ synergistic fields of being as an organic bridge of Absolute LOVE (inside your body) with the support of your transcendent Father “above” and your embodied mother “below.”