Academy Level 7: BRANCHES - Universal Tree of Life Awakening

The Gift of Embodied Alchemy

Artist: Unknown - Nature’s Embrace - Flower of Life Male/Female Tree

The seventh level of initiation is created to support you to tap into the innermost reservoir of Love that is yearning to be unleashed, liberated, and freed from your underworld or unseen bardos. This deliverance will include reluctant aspects - between your spirit and your form - who have resisted being loved as a result of all of the old matrix programming of separation consciousness. Because your (Level 6) twin-flame quantum soul retrieval brings back all of these dimensions of yourself that have been kept outside of the resurrected life force of self-love, you will require a reboot of your entire structural design.

In order to reactivate the intrinsic components of your own “Eden Tree,” a leap of faith is required to re-branch or re-map your overall soul pattern lattice into it’s evolutionary design. All your dichotomies are embraced through rigorous self-honesty, and you step up to the podium to declare to all of yourself and our entire omniverse: “I get it!” 

This is all part of the Great Mystery’s “Plan” of free-will contrast through the love and the terror - the light or the dark - all are equal inside of your Great Tree of Life. Therefore, only Love is Real in your twin flame grid of “atONEment” where you are now capable of witnessing and loving your 3-D patterns of pain just as much as you love your blessings of bliss. Your SOUL TREE enables you to give rise to your non-dual hologram of oneness as an integral self of unified wholeness - a solid “Avatar” trunk of DIVINE UNION. 

Like Persephone, who returned from the worlds below, your treasure chest is unleashed and the elixir of your Philosopher’s Stone reveals your labyrinth's center (your original spiritual blueprint). You feel your energetic Tree of Life’s branches radiating throughout all the many layers of your multi-dimensional being, and your body’s root systems are reaching all the way down into Gaia’s still point. You are co-creating a sovereign wellspring of Unity Consciousness as you perceive the central staff within your Universal TREE OF LIFE; and thus, the omni-present gift of embodied alchemy.