As it takes a village to raise a child, Speaking Tree of Life recognizes it takes a community to raise a destiny. The following Contributors listings represent an honoring of all collaborators, associates, allies, and network affiliates engaged in this unified field of cooperation.

Thank you for weaving your talents and unique gifts
into this mosaic of a master blueprint.

We have had the honor of working in depth with our Beloved Sister, Samavesha Moksha through some incredibly sensetive shared peaks and valleys of our united journey of remembrance. We have laughed, cried, celebrated, held ceremony and grieved together. The unwavering commitment she demonstrates to allow Truth to flow through her, as she is able to distill and articulate the language of the Cosmos is unparalleled. Speaking Tree of Life has been a pivotal gift in our journey both as individuals and as a Divine Partnership. Samavesha has lovingly led us both deeper into to the awareness and integration of our Divine Blueprint and the key it is to embodying the highest expression of our Sacred Service to all Life. Samavesha holds a very unique piece in the Flower of Life, bringing deeper understanding of Ancient Wisdom and Archetypes to a fresh, active, living, breathing expression that is alive within each one who is ready to reveal the Union of the Beloved within and how this Divine Alchemy tells a New Story of Life on Beautiful Gaia. It is our joy to share the gift of Samavesha with those who are ready for full inhabitation of their I AM Presence."

1ove & Gratitude


Together, as a Divine Partnership, we are serving to co create a World that is expanding to embrace true love and deep gratitude for the miracle of Life, the Divine Gift of each other and the beautiful Planet Gaia we call Home. We work in harmony with the Angelic, Ascended Master, Galactic, Earth and Elemental Realms to anchor Heaven on Earth with liberty and justice for all Her inhabitants through Music and New Media.


I have jumped into the magic of life as a renaissance visionary. I live life from passion ands purpose by fully merging my personal and professional life into daily acts of adventure by being a graphic designer, film-maker, entrepreneur, trainer, coach, author and magician. I am here in service to a planetary society that thrives in love, creativity and collaboration.

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