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From Ordinary Leader to Enlightened Visionary

When I first met Samavesha, I remember thinking I had never met a lightworker with such drive, passion, focus, and embodied grace. Samavesha came into this world with the kind of clarity of mission & purpose that some of us take decades to come to terms with. A conversation with Samavesha Gayatri is never light fare; she speaks from a perspective of true knowing as a result of direct communication with numerous ascended beings for most of her life. Not long ago, she asked me to share with a lunch companion my experience of my Circuitry Alignment session.

Looking back, I had NO idea or expectation of what this divinely inspired session might look like or what might occur as a result of it. During my session, Samavesha called upon her guides and sang in the language of light, and I found myself engulfed in a field of beautiful pale blue orbs that caressed me energetically. The Divine Mother herself stood beside Samavesha, her hands folded in prayer, as Samavesha aligned and reactivated my own personal light grids. Since that time, my own personal abilities and gifts in this 3D world appear to be greatly enhanced, and I feel much a deeper connection with Gaia. I can see, hear, and communicate with the beings of the different realms—rocks, trees, dragons, the Fae, cetaceans, ancient beings who once graced Gaia so long ago they are considered legend only, and the unicorns—a gift I treasure.”

Patricia Faust
Priestess of Avalon & Enlightened Communications
When a leader walks into the room, people pay attention. When an enlightened visionary leader walks in, organizations and lives are transformed. Samavesha-Gayatri Devi works actively with high-level leaders who are needing to make that next jump to energized alignment with their original Divine Blueprint for this life. Work with her to upgrade your destiny line, ensuring that you show up fully supported for your mission in the world.

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