As it takes a village to raise a child, Speaking Tree of Life recognizes it takes a community to raise a destiny. The following Contributors listings represent an honoring of all collaborators, associates, allies, and network affiliates engaged in this unified field of cooperation.

Thank you for weaving your talents and unique gifts
into this mosaic of a master blueprint.


I’m a digital artist, multi-media designer and writer with a passion for creative expression and collaboration.  I work with clients to help actualize and emphasize the core inspiration of what propels them to offer their products and services to the world.  I do this via graphic and website design, video for the web, creative writing and innovative marketing approaches.  I’m also pioneering a new form of online interactive multi-media storytelling which I look forward to offering to clients as well in the Fall of 2014. I’ll be launching in mid-September, which will debut a media-rich transformative story-telling platform and a story called The SkyTribe Chronicle.

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Sustainable Business, Evolutionary Design

IAM is an exceptional Visual Communications firm specializing in Integral Marketing Strategy, conscious business branding, website design & development and graphic design for print and online media. We work with leaders and companies who can become turnkeys for a new economy and a better world. Our approach targets a rapidly growing niche that places economic value in balance with a sustainable mindset that benefits the evolution of people, culture and planet. Upgrade your marketable presence and join us in transforming how people see business in an emerging new world.

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Amalya (aka Amy Peck M.A.) is the founder/creatrix of the Goddess Studio in Escondido, California. The Goddess Studio is a private dance & "temple" space dedicated to the Divine Feminine, and is a sacred setting for events, ceremonies and classes.  Amalya is a professional artist & photographer, writer, belly dancer & teacher, ceremonialist, Priestess of the Goddess, and workshop presenter. She is passionate about empowering women and mainstreaming the paradigm of the Sacred Feminine.

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Catherine is a consummate artist. She is a fine artist in both drawing and painting, a musician/composer, environmental eco designer, former animation filmmaker and one who displays a strong eye and talent for interior/exterior design. She was a pioneer visionary artist, along with the renowned Joseph Parker, at the start of the ‘New Age’ movement.

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With her imagery, Ishka Lha reveals a world of the eternal Beauty that is all things. A river of elementals, cosmic beings, and magical beasts swirl together in one great flood of light and shadow, emanating the shapes and colors illuminated within the Beloved’s kaleidoscope. With every turning of the wheel, an ever-changing cycle of Life appears: Dawn spills into the night sky, a blossom falls as a cherry grows; and the movement in our mind trickles down into a land where thoughts kneel before a pool of peaceful waters, watching silently, as Spirit emerges from the depths.

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Art is a tool for transformation, on both a personal and planetary level.  We can use the arts to express our realities, promote and reflect social change, and connect more deeply with ourselves, each other, and the Earth.  In my art, I work with visions of a harmonious, ecologically thriving world and Awakened states of being, in the hope that viewers of my work will joyfully manifest these states of being in their own lives.

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With over 25 years of experience in private practice as a metamorphic mentor to countless clients world-wide KA’ryna Sh’Ha offers expert guidance and spiritual wisdom in Living our Luminous Legacy…. As a Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Teacher, Leader of Sacred Ceremony, Award-Winning Artist, Musician and Author… She continues to serve in council as a Global Atunement Catalyst for Ascended Awareness.

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Alfredo has participated in numerous solo and collective exhibits, designed illustrations for a variety of textbooks, art auctions, stage designs, and other art events throughout Mexico and USA. I express, paint and share my experiences in communion with myself and mother nature. I do not paint what I see with my eyes, but what I perceive and feel within my soul.

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