Midwifing High Quality Human Capitol
June 26, 2015
​​Midwifing High Quality Human Capitol - The True Wealth of our Next Generation

As I sat in the charming "Renaissance" music room inside of the sacred circle our group had formed at the Glen Muse Estate, a powerful insight rose into the forefront of my awareness. A familiar warm rush traveled along the surface of my skin to signal to my somatic wisdom that an epiphany was rising up - clearly being ushered forth for the collective benefit of our pod gathered there in Southern California. We found ourselves communing out of an inspiration to hear, discover and learn more about Riane's growing Caring Economy Coalition... cradled within the beautiful sanctuary of Ojai (known to Annie Besant as the spiritual Valley of Moon.) 
My goal was to empower these community leaders to engage with relevant components of this compelling platform that C.P.S. has brilliantly and comprehensively mapped out in order to enrich, strengthen and expand their own innovative branches of Evolutionary Economics. The personal intention that I set was that every emissary present was to depart with an expanded tool kit as well as valuable resources to assist them in bringing these transformational 'Relationship Culture' distinctions into key areas of their lives. My prayer was that the collective exploration would land the blessings of this initial presentation in a manner that allowed them the opportunity to really embody the wisdom for both their personal and professional lives.
Thus, I found myself seeing Bill Grace's words "GRACIOUS SPACE" flashing across the canvass of my mind, and my heart was feeling and listening to the many different reflections that were being funneling into the active center of our group's exchange. Spontaneously a unique bridge was born, and I heard the term (after weeks of reviewing the CAP slides) "high quality human capitol" on a whole different bandwidth. These words emerged anew as my wonderful colleague was discussing the importance of mentoring our next generation of 'social artists' to be fully operational or successful in expressing their highest life's purpose, calling, and dharmic blueprint.
All of a sudden years of introducing Conscious Conception, Birthing a New Humanity and Limbic Birth Imprint authors and trainers to each other naturally converged with years of networking with a whole host of Sacred Commerce, Spiritual Economics and Soul of Money, etc... visionaries, path finders, and fellow trail blazers. My whole nervous system went, WOW!

What I got present to was the specific need to care for the strategic development of people's greatest gifts during the early hypnagogic years of life (the first six years of a child's life - Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D) when our entire "life strategy templates" are being designed from the perceptual filters of our subconscious mind. If our emerging social architects and evolutionary economic engineers could remind innovators that "poverty is never really a lack of resource - it's about a lack of resourcefulness," then humanity would be stimulated to remember that WE carry all of the remarkable, creative and out of the box solutions to our world's difficult challenges inside of the inherent genius of our true consciousness. For the cooperative nature of the international BLUE Economy is all about encouraging "quadruple bottom line" answers to the plethora of issues that our CEC's Social Wealth Economic Indicators outline; and therefore, caring for our next generation is not just limited to their physical, emotional, mental or environmental well-being. 
The invitation that became clear was the opportunity to translate for progressive businesses that it's not just about covering the costs of childcare and care giving... for the reason that if we can have a generation of children that get to grow up on this planet... without the negative programming, societal conditioning, ancestral habituation, or institutional ignorance of the old dominator culture's multi-generational limbic birth imprints... then we can midwife a whole paradigm shift of "wealth through human potential currency." This would then stimulate an exponential opening in our collective field of view regarding "what's truly possible," and this wave is meant to be a co-creative choice that we can all navigate together inside of our flourishing new models around the globe!
Therefore, I really thank you for reading this blog post from a multi-intelligence perspective, and I ​am open to co-creating with fellow ​​leaders of our newly emerging "Partnership Systems"​ ​through ​different ​Evolutionary Economics​​ ​panels, interactive seminars, and team summits​. ​​For as Riane Eisler says, our world is transcending the old polarity grids into a holistic design of balanced well-being that ​​incorporates all areas of our exchange agreements within a respectful field of loving action.

​“Through the use of the dominator and partnership models of social organization for the analysis of both our present and our potential future, we can also begin to transcend the conventional polarities between right and left, capitalism and communism, religion and secularism, and even masculinism and feminism.”