Romancing Your Ultimate Valentine & Lover
February 7, 2014
The Twin Flame is the total embodiment of our (Cosmic) Christ Consciousness in holy wholeness from the "New Ark of our Covenant" with SOURCE - your ARK of GRACE! It is literally a comprehensive alignment with our soul's resonant vibration within ever single cell of our body, mind, heart and spirit on every level imaginable... and beyond. It is our identical essence - mirrored inside of our core - through the fusion of our two primal yin/yang forces of Creation. A multi-dimensional Twin-Flame-Self is the ALCHEMICAL MARRIAGE grounded by merging BOTH of our divine feminine & divine masculine energies... inside of every fiber of our being as a sacred androgen.

This transformation is sometimes called the journey of "Romancing the God/Goddess within," for only by reuniting with our full male/female original Divine BLUEPRINT can we awaken our authentic calling. Then you can carry a high enough magnetic charge to physically attract your holographic reflection through "the opposite body of soul energy." ~ Twin Flame Physics