Conscious Relationship Counseling

Resurrection by Claudette Dean

I have felt the energy that Samavesha Gayatri carries in a massive quantity - as few others carry it - and she has worked for every bit of it in countless existences. We call it the GAYATRI energy or consciousness - what others would also call the Divine Holy Mother energy. What she really carries is the pure creation energy - prime SOURCE.  It is what we all work for, it is the source of All."

Larry Williams
Author & Master Alignment Facilitator
Are you passionately ready to invite your relationship into the Sacred Creator and Creatrix's Temple of the Divine? If so, receiving conscious relationship counseling from the Speaking Tree of Life awaits you and your Beloved. Areas of exploration and initiation include:

  • • New Paradigm Relationship Assistance for pioneering couples on the initiatory path
  • • Anchoring one’s Divine Marriage through Evolutionary Guidance
  • • Embarking upon your alchemical rites of Sacred Union and Integral Hierogamy
  • • Twin Flame Unity Consciousness - Facilitating Cutting Edge Partnerships
  • • Honoring the Value of Balanced Masculine/Feminine Gender Principles

Sacred Marketplace Energy Exchange ~ $111 an hour & $155 an hour for couples

Contact Us today to schedule your 60 minute, 90 minute, or 2 hour:

  • • Soul Journey
  • • Private Series
  • • Rites of Passage
  • • Blessings
  • • Ceremonies
  • • Initiations

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