As it takes a village to raise a child, Speaking Tree of Life recognizes it takes a community to raise a destiny. The following Contributors listings represent an honoring of all collaborators, associates, allies, and network affiliates engaged in this unified field of cooperation.

Thank you for weaving your talents and unique gifts
into this mosaic of a master blueprint.


Steven founded Integrated Management Consulting in 2007 to fulfill a deepening curiosity about how an intersecting of spiritual principles and business mastery principles could benefit key executives in embracing new approaches to organizational design.

He is passionate about the sacred commerce/economics movements in both form and function and is passionately developing a tool, based on what he is calling Holonomic (Holo=whole or entire + Economic) to assist organizations to embody the core values of the sacred marketplace. 

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I am a creative strategist, artist, entrepreneur, and inventor with a passion for unleashing imagination and activating potential. Everybody has a story to tell whether through their artistry, personal projects, business ideas, or unique service – everyone has a voice that wants to be heard. My mission is to assist people who are devoted to making the world a better place to fully expressing their message in order to inspire symbiotic relationships with aligned values.


Stacey J. Hentschel assists organizations, as well as couples and individuals, open to higher states of awareness and wisdom from within.   She guides each person to connect to their true nature, highest calling, vision & power in their life, relationships & business.  She works holistically with the body mind & spirit which creates conscious & powerful relationships, inner balance, intuition, centeredness, abundance & success. Stacey is the founder of Quantum Integrations and Inner Wisdom and has consulted with corporations & individuals for over 25 years working with thousands of people in business management, communication, relationship, personal development & inner healing. She supports people to live from their inner wisdom accessing their true gifts, working with intuition, truth, love & compassion.

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Immanuel Otto works with companies and clients who are engaged in raising consciousness through their products and services, for book/media initiatives and marketing campaigns raising awareness around spirituality, creativity, emotional intelligence, mindful business, eco-awareness & sustainability, meditation, healing, mindful body fitness, comparative religious studies, peaceful conflict resolution, conscious activism, psychology, relationships, progressive sciences, and more.

Adam Apollo Amorastreya


Creating his first design company at 15, Adam has been developing identity branding for companies, NGOs and individuals for over 12 years. From major international campaigns to corporate powerhouses, healing centers to belly dancers, Adam is an adaptable designer whose style can easily transform to match the needs of the most diverse clients. He also specializes in developing full-scale content management systems for websites, integrating Web 2.0 social media tools, complete network profile systems, as well as galleries, blogs, animated modules, and much more.

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Vortices Design is dedicated to bringing forth the heart of your company to all your marketing materials.. At Vortices Design we are as passionate about creating your web site and marketing materials as you are about your company. Our commitment to your company's web and graphic design and application development is something we take very seriously. We are totally committed to making web sites that are everything they should be and more: beautiful, functional, extraordinary.

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I am a creative artist weaving the photonic lightscapes of the digital realm with 3D animations and visual collages that merge ancient mythological iconography with advanced future science . 3D Projection mapping, 3D stereo projections and Stereoscopic Content, Live projection mapped dance performance. I design digital sets and environments for bands, magicians and transcendental warriors all over the world.


Andros Sturgeon is founder of Transmedia Collective Starchild Interactive.  He has worked with hundreds of people and companies, helping to develop their brands through storytelling.

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