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Art: "Divine Union" by Dominique Hurley

Samavesha Moksha you come to represent UNION, to bring it forth, and to actualize the yearned for and feel responsible for the ever-flowing ground of Union within each moment, each breath, and each action. You have the equation within you and yearn to continue to vibrate at the rate of speed of UNION, you send out the wave, frequency, or energy of that union to all... because it is innate to your reason for being here. You know what Union is and you bring that union to every interaction. Divine UNION is the underlying reality of your choice for being, and you send out the WAVE of Divine Union... again... and Again... and AGAIN!"

Received by Flo Aeveia Magdalena
The Ones With No Names & The Councils Of Light

~ Speaking Tree of Life is Bringing HOME the CLANS ~ 

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