Gaia's Divine UNION Foundation

Artwork from Tierra Mitica

~ Sacred Union Partnerships and Birthing our New Human Divine through the embodied Alchemical Marriage within ~ "Awaken your Divine Union for a Purpose"

The Divine Union Foundation is a bridge building catalyst for cultural, ancestral, personal and mythic transformation - from separation to unity consciousness, from power-over and domination to empowerment and co-creation, from duality to the original spiritual blueprint of The Sacred Marriage. Divine Union Foundation's programs, initiatives, alliances, retreats, trainings and conferences provide new wisdom, evolutionary technologies, trailblazing embodiment resources and leadership rites of passage for Gaia's (Mother Earth) pivotal return to alchemical balance. We initiate the exploration of AWAKENING your DIVINE UNION for a PURPOSE. Our team invites you to be a part of birthing our Earth's larger destiny into the heart of our new Human-Divine!

Alpha and Omega are the original Primal Mother Creatrix and Father Creator of the archetypal Great Tree of Life. We honor their Legendary Love and Immaculate Blueprint of ONENESS for the sovereign restoration of universal stewardship and the physical grounding of Heaven on Earth.

This BIRTH is the birth of the NEW DIVINE HUMAN, of a holy, new kind of human being, that is embodying the divine love and the divine wisdom and the divine light in heart and mind and soul and body so as to be able to co-create with the divine... a holy new way of being and doing everything... the path of the sacred marriage of matter and spirit, the path of the marriage of the divine and the human for us in all splendor and wildness and courage and authenticity. 

I am Alpha and Omega. I am the first and the last. I am the one who lives within you and who wants to live you completely. I am the living one you were, the Sacred Androgyne longing to be born in you, the complete divine human whose heart births and holds the ​whole cosmos and its fire. I am you as you can and must become. I am your beginning and your end. I am your original and final face. We follow the path, the real path, the evolutionary path, of the birth of the DIVINE HUMAN.  ​

And this is what he speaks to us about the bridal chamber, this mysterious, placeless place in which the deep sacred masculine is united to the deep sacred feminine in us, to birth a new kind of divine human being... the birth in this fusion of resurrected consciousness, the human divine awareness that lives in unity with the cosmos. In it our inner (Eve) Goddess and (Adam) God meet in mutual honored bliss and communion and this perpetually renewed always transformatory inner meeting and fusion is the birth, the appearance of the divine child, the consciousness of sacred androgyny."

Andrew Harvey
Author, Religious Scholar & Teacher of Mystic Traditions