Keynote Speaking & Presentations

My experience of Samavesha Moksha Devi's Speaking Tree of Life "training" is convincing me without doubt that she beautifully and completely activates the deep "REMEMBERING" that is dormant in the species and that is timed to awaken now as GAIA herself transforms into the next stage of HER glory. This new emerging power means the human body itself will become newly activated, and we are coming into our sovereignty... thanks to Samavesha Moksha."

B. Richards
An expert presentation is one thing: a transformative presence imparting the highest level of practical shamanic wisdom upgrades an ordinary conference to an unforgettable event. Book Samavesha-Gayatri Devi for your next gathering or conference to serve as a keynote speaker or lead presenter. Some of the topics she can bring expert perspective to include:

  • • Accessing the Power of Inner Fusion between Sacred Masculine and Feminine
  • • Divine Marriage – Embodying a Dynamically Evolving Love Partnership
  • • Your Inner Soul Code: Activating the Vitality of your 11:11 Gender Alchemy
  • • Remembering Your Destiny: How to Ally with Gaia’s World-Soul Blueprint for the Full Activation of Your Dharmic Calling
  • • Experiencing Holy Union: The “Great Rite” of Hieros Gamos - Grounding Heaven on Earth
  • • Ultimate Leadership: Birthing the Wholly New Divine Human Archetype

Custom-tailored presentations or workshops will be crafted for your organization’s specific goals.

Contact Us to identify your group’s focus and to explore your event”s budget parameters