Private Coaching & Akashic Records Consulting

Samavesha is a deeply gifted being.  As you work with her you will experience deep love and connection to your soul, the world and spirit.  She works from the heart and higher consciousness, she is caring, nurturing and profoundly wise on multiple levels!"

Stacey Hentschel
For a unique and individualized rediscovery of your authentic self, Samavesha is available for private coaching sessions and Akashic Records consultations which include:

  • • Intuitive Coaching, Consulting and Supportive Mentoring from your spirit’s Hall of Records to receive guidance from your own soul ancestry, spiritual family lineage and Higher Self.
  • • Developing your skills in accessing your Akashic Records Reservoir with greater depth of clarity, focused insight, intuitive wisdom and multi-dimensional awareness
  • • Synthesizing your core Blueprint Codes within your body’s Akashic Records to access the elevated perspective of your Soul’s Journey and creating your Life Map from a Unified Field
  • • Galvanizing the acceleration of your destiny via Shamanic Guidance through grounding the practical manifestation of your Divine Blueprint

Rites of Passage Energy of Appreciation - $111 per hour (individual) or $155 per hour (couples)

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