Transformational Offerings


For a unique and individualized rediscovery of your authentic self, Samavesha is available for Akashic Records consultations which include: - Intuitive Coaching from your spirit’s Hall of Records; - Accessing your Akashic Records Reservoir with intuitive wisdom; - Synthesizing your core Blueprint Codes within your body to create your Life Map inside the Unified Field; - Galvanizing the practical acceleration of your destiny via Shamanic Guidance.

Deeaia (GAIA Ra) BlueRay received requests to learn how to better connect with one's own counsel and Star Family and how to bring one's Unique BLuePrint onto one's physical consciousness. Here dear Hearts, I present to you my dearest BlueRay SISTAR Samavesha Moksha Gayatri Devi - There are no word to describe her talents only that She is the one Being incarnated at this time who I TRUST and RESPECT most - You will experience the most exquisite multidimensional discovery Soul session <3 <3"

Chantal Christine
Galactic Guardian of the Divine Mother Ark Wayshower, Teacher Healer in service to New Gaia Consciousness


Have a direct encounter with the Speaking Tree of Life, which embodies the multidimensional "GRAIL of Living Truth" from many Spiritual Lineages all around our planet. Samavesha Moksha brings an intimate weave of these complementary technologies of consciousness into living the practice of ALCHEMICAL Tantra from the HEART of Prime Source Creation. Her uniquely diverse INITIATIONS facilitate, stir, kindle and ignite powerful Rites of Passage for one's destiny path and dharmic potential as the noble fulfillment of your original promise to the WORLD TREE... of All That Is. Click Here for the Events Calendar!


From Ordinary Leader to Enlightened Visionary

When a leader walks into the room, people pay attention. When an enlightened visionary walks in, organizations and lives are transformed. Samavesha-Gayatri Devi works actively with high-level leaders to upgrade your destiny line.  In energized alignment with your Divine Blueprint, a unique leadership transformation program is designed for your visionary needs.

She guided me impeccably toward a palpable expansion of my consciousness renewing the generative force within my heart and propelling me more directly to my purpose. I recommend Samavesha to anyone passionate about strengthening their connection to source consciousness and that resonant navigator within.”

Alarra Saress


An expert presentation is one thing - a transformative presence imparting practical shamanic wisdom upgrades an ordinary conference to an unforgettable experience.  Not just another keynote speaker or lead presenter, Samavesha-Gayatri Devi brings the eloquence of an Oracle to these compelling subjects:  Ultimate Leadership: Birthing the Wholly New Divine Human Archetype; - Divine Marriage: Embodying a Dynamically Evolving Love Partnership; - Remembering Your Destiny: The Full Activation of Your Dharmic Calling.


Focused personal guidance from Samavesha-Gayatri Devi in individual sessions can unleash powerful trapped energies in a tangible Shakti stream, giving you new awareness and skills for regenerating your life including: - Returning to organic joy, excellence, creativity, vitality and passion; - Recovering personal power, primal life force and pulsing rhythmic energy.

I have worked personally with Samavesha Gayatri from Speaking Tree of Life and give her my most enthusiastic recommendation. Her Circuitry Alignment (Level 1) is an energetic process that brings your soul's pre-birth blueprint more fully into the physical body, thus empowering you to live and fulfill that plan with greater ease, clarity and grace. A true gift from Spirit.”

Robert Schwartz
Author of Your Soul's Plan & Your Soul's GIFT


In order to experience one’s complete Soul Map for organically living your Source Destiny, a SYNTHESIS bridge must be established between all the levels of your consciousness. The transformational training of the Soul Intelligence Academy empowers your essence to rise above the old matrix of obsolete human programs - which can unconsciously play themselves out in the hidden blind spots of our ancestral imprint.

Each of the progressive Levels in the Soul Intelligence Academy course represents a distinct phase of growth and unfoldment and serves a specific function in the building of this synthesized bridge. Come to the “heart” of the Speaking Tree of Life offerings where you can individually or as a couple move through this program of embodied mastery. Speaking Tree Of Life brings this universal energy pattern home so that you can remember the Heart-Center engine behind the activating power of your Soul’s original Design.


Create an engaging and enriched coherence for your leadership team or group’s Unity Field. Among the custom-designed methodologies offered by Speaking Tree of Life are: - Opening your Group’s Heart-Resonance;  - The Way of Council: Facilitating, Speaking and Listening from the authentic Heart; - The Soul Agreements of Us: Anchoring your Team's Womb of Core Values.

She (Samavesha) has guided me into my inner depths and held space for me to expand into all that I AM.  Just being in her presence brings remembrance and truth.”

Azurayah Light


Are you passionately ready to invite your relationship into a New Renaissance of Energized Divine Love? Conscious Relationship Counseling from the Speaking Tree of Life can bring you and your beloved into a new paradigm of harmonized and empowered partnership in such areas as:  - Anchoring one’s Divine Marriage through the Evolutionary Guidance of Shared Core Values; - Embarking upon the alchemical rites of Sacred Union and Integral Hierogamy; - Twin Flame Unity Consciousness: Facilitating Cutting Edge Partnerships; - Honoring the Value of Balanced Masculine/Feminine Gender Principles.


Samavesha-Gayatri’s immersive meta-field and unique gift for shamanic facilitation create a Sacred Container to awaken your Soul-Fire. Potent experiences of intimate communion with the Heartbeat of Mother Gaia enliven day-long or weekend workshops and retreats, including: - Romancing the Beloved Within: Uncovering the Holy Mystery of Twin Flame Physics; - Reclaiming Your Sovereign Birthright: Coming HOME to your Original Divine Blueprint; - Initiating Cultural Creatives: Strategic Rites of Passage for Whole Systems Leadership.

Several years ago, I had a near death experience, which was truly transformative. The bliss that I felt then was similar to the bliss I felt during the sessions with Samavesha Gayatri. This said, over the last five years, the integration of all that I AM has expanded exponentially!”

Tami Close
Spiritual Teacher