Shamanic Guidance & Blueprint Activation

Samavesha Gayatri has come back from her near death experiences to represent Union, to bring it forth, to actualize the yearned for and ever-flowing ground of Union with each moment, each breath and each action. She has the equation of UNION within her, and she sends out the wave - the frequency - the energy of Union to all... for it is innate to her reason for being here. Union is the underlying reality of her choice for BEING!"

Flo Aeveia Magdalena & The Council of All Lineages
Focused personal guidance from Samavesha-Gayatri Devi in individual sessions can give you new knowledge and skills for generating and transforming your life including:

  • • Returning to organic joy, excellence, creativity, vitality and passion
  • • Recovering personal power, primal life force and rhythmic energy

Rites of Passage Energy of Appreciation ~ $111 per hour (individual) or $155 per hour (couples)

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