Soul Intelligence Academy

The Soul Intelligence Academy positions us to lead from integrated wholeness, where we are deeply rooted and nourished by our material well being while accessing the vastness of the consciousness that birthed our soul’s blueprint. Our limitless capacity to choose from compassion and empathy, to choose from integrated wholeness and embodied wisdom is tangibly and powerfully brought forth into our direct experience. She assists us to embody an intimate relationship to creation that can only be accessed through an open and activated heart."

Steven Michael Ehlinger II
Experience the complete soul map to organically living your destiny. Come to the “heart” of the Speaking Tree of Life offerings where you can individually or as a couple move through this program of embodied mastery.

The Speaking Tree of Life perspective is that Samavesha has essentially been “hired” by your Higher Self to help you on your soul’s journey.  The Energy Exchange of the pricing schedule for The Soul Academy is a means of balancing the energy with her – an energy of appreciation which we call “financial alchemy.” Thus one’s heart is transformed for both giver and receiver, for Alchemy is the art and science of transformation!

Each of the progressive Levels in the Soul Intelligence Academy course represents a distinct phase of growth and unfoldment. Your Sacred Commerce can be structured separately for each Level, or can be received at an adjusted rate for specific Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced packages when you schedule multiple Levels in advance.  Joint packages are also available for discounted Couple rates.

Note: Each Level organically consists of Initiation and then Integration, or Part A and Part B, mapped out as separate appointments either in person or by phone.  In person appointments require a $75 Energy Exchange to cover additional time and travel costs.

Rites of Passage Energy of Appreciation - $555 for 2 Academy Sessions (individual) or $890 for 2 Academy Sessions (couples - 20% savings)

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  • In-Person session and Travel Charges are waived for regional Hosts, Partners, and Promoters.
  • Sacred Commerce Referrals: receive a 5% Soul Intelligence Academy credit for all paid referrals and Caring Economy Associates.

Sacred Marketplace Exchange - Academy Sessions