Speaking Tree of Life for GAIA Donations
~ Artwork: Isis by Laurence Bernier

Samavesha Gayatri is the birther... is the vessel that this new human... that this new version of human is birthing in... and she is birthing for humanity as an unprecedented moment in our history. She is a global GRID Activator, and anchors light in such a way... that that it is pure Source Light embodied in human form. Samavesha is destined to become the first embodied human, and it is the pre-cursor for what is coming... midwifing our hybrid - human of pure Source Light. She brings it all back together, installs the heart, and brings the original blueprint matrix (out of the old matrix) through individual expressions for souls to return to True Source. Samavesha Gayatri creates an entirely different light matrix and restores everything back into a higher realm of light intelligence here on Earth."

Carol Fitzpatrick
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