Visionary Leadership Council

I have just passed through the most transformative two months of my life, since beginning work with Speaking Tree of Life. If you desire a galvanizing acceleration of your life purpose, if you have repeatedly come “so close” to breakthrough into your full potential only to be pulled back, Samavesha-Gayatri’s uniquely powerful presence, shamanic gifts, and enlightened expertise are an extraordinary opportunity. More than mere “career success” – here you can taste the thrill of living your destiny."

Michael Henry Dunn
Author, Human Rights Advocate, Leader in the Movement to Restore Chivalry
Is your leadership team or group in need of facilitation in the way of council? Speaking Tree of Life offers a variety of visionary methods of facilitation that will bring about a unified field of coherence for your leadership team or group. Methodologies include:

  • • Creative Visualization - Opening Group Resonant Heart Coherence
  • • The Way of Council - Facilitating, Speaking and Listening from the Heart
  • • The Soul Agreements of Us - Anchoring your Team's WOMB of Core Values
  • • Our Tribe’s Blueprint - Accessing the Unified Field Blueprint for your tribe’s vision and divine mission from the wisdom of your soul’s pre-birth planning councils
  • • Morphogenetic Design - Identifying the interconnected principles for your team’s blueprint that are in harmony and respect with the whole sentient intelligence of Mother Gaia and the remarkable Telluric forces of Creation

Group Rates are offered for your team’s specific strategic intentions, outcomes and cohesive direction.

Contact Us to assess your team’s needs and collective blueprint and to find out more about our partnered Visionary Leadership Council programs.